Im not sure what to say in these things, but if you've come this far thank you!
My name is Ruby Jane, a full time dreamer and first time small Biz owner.

Velzy Lane defined is Sunshine, Warmth and Magic.
Three things I can't get enough.

This Studio has always been that thought in the back of my mind and I've finally found myself in a position to be able to create the space of my dreams. So I hope that you love it and find calmness, inspiration and laughs at Velzy Lane.

I'm 24 years old, and have come from the construction industry, prior to that I was in the Special Education Support sector ( childhood dream job ).
I have loved both of my career paths thus far, however always had the itch to do a little something else... and here she is!

Im a full time lover of the little things in life - Morning sun, fresh cut lawn, fresh fruit and linen to name a few haha But above all else I am the proudest Aunty, Sister and Daughter! 

Rubes xx